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System Config File not Found


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I get to this step and I'm presented with the darwin boot loader but i can only select "hd(255,0) Ethernet PXE Client" as it is my only option. i cannot select the install DVD I created. I presume it is trying to boot off the SATA disk which of course it cannot because I have not installed OS X yet! Any help?


10.4.8 JAS Install DVD (and does same thing with 10.4.7 as well)

Asus P5B

Core 2 Duo e6400

Seagate 320gb SATA Drive

Samsung PATA DVD-R


Perhaps the Samsung is not supported??


When I try verbose mode I am back to "System Config File '/.comapple.Boot.plist' not Found", so no hints there. Booting with SATA disabled altogether doesn't cahnge anything... i thought the disk 'Exthernet PXE Clinet" would go away. Perhaps that is some netboot path?


This motherboard only has one PATA plug, so I can't try swapping them. So far I haven't messed much with SATA because that doesn't seem to be a reason to prevent the PATA DVD-R from booting

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