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Q: What are these files?


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I myself get confused on all the available binaries floating around the Internet.


1. What are:








2. What's the difference between:


JaS.10.4.7.Update.(Intel).pkg and semjaza10_4_7.tar.gz


3. How many hacked/decrypted kernels are out there?


I personally have 8.4.1. Is that the latest?

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Let's see...

For Q1:

"Marklar Tiger" is the first OS X build for Intel leaked. That is 10.4.1. You REALLY don't need that. Only maybe for historical purposes...

"Maxxuss_Patch_Solution_v1.0a_1045" is, I think, the last patch released by Maxxuss. For 10.4.5. Could be the one for SecUpd2006-001. I'm not sure.

"JaS.10.4.6.install.dvd.PPF1" is, probably, a ppf file to update a 10.4.5 install disc to 10.4.6. You will need 10.4.5 iso to apply it to.

The rest, I don't remember, so they can't be that important... B)


For Q2:

"JaS.10.4.7.Update.(Intel).pkg" contains the files from OS X 10.4.7 update that can be installed on an Intel hackint0sh running 10.4.6, except some encrypted files, which can be fould in...

..."Semjaza10_4_7.tar.gz" which contains only the decrypted files from the OS X 10.4.7 update.


For Q3:

Yours is the latest decrypted.

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Ok... Thanks for the info... a few more questions though:


Apple.OS.X.x86.10.4.Generic.Install.DVD seemed to be the TEST3 Marklar-Tiger.iso even though the actual filename was Generic-Tiger.iso. It's so confusing when they use the same filename for TEST1, TEST2, TEST3.


I learned that Generic_OSx86_Install_DVD_Patcher_Release1 is the PPF patch that transform a pristine Marklar-Tiger.iso into Marklar-Tiger-Release1.iso. No mention whatsoever which OSX version it's running.


So here's my question:


I assume Marklar-Tiger.iso (unpatched) is a pristine install disk from Apple.


I saw a file called Apple.OS.X.x86.Developer.Kit.Install.DVD-pheNIX and it says it's the pristine image of the Developer's Kit install DVD.


Q: Is Apple.OS.X.x86.Developer.Kit.Install.DVD-pheNIX the same thing as Marklar-Tiger.iso (unpatched)?


Q: Is the PPF a binary-based patcher or file-based patcher? If binary, then I can see why it is so picky with exact MD5SUM.

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