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Snow Leopard HP dv6


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I want to install retail copy of Snow Leopard on my notebook, which runs Windows 7 64-bit, and then make a dualboot.


My problem is that it wants me to make the partition table GUID, but then I have to install my OEM Windows 7 again, and I don't want that.


Is there any way around that?


I'm booting with Empire EFI 10.6.3 compatible, and the retail disk, where is stripped of all languages I don't need, and all printer drivers, to make it fit on a DVD5, because a friend of mine has broke my original DVD, which I luckily had made a backup-copy of.


Can someone help me here?


Thanks in advance :unsure:

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...SO for dual boot you need 2 HDDs in your laptop


Sorry but I beg to differ.


I have a work laptop, Toshiba Tecra S11 with i5-M520@2.4GHz and Nvidia NVS 2100m, with Windows XP SP3. But I managed to install Windows 7 Ultimate and Snow Leopard without reinstalling Windows XP.


Used the following:

  • WIN7PE with Snapshot or RDEPLOY - to backup you existing HDD
  • Ubuntu live on USB - to resize and move your existing HDD partition
  • MBRWiz - to backup your MBR
  • a copy of chain0 into windows root directory - did not use fdisk440/boot0hfs
  • BCDEasy in Windows 7 to include MAC OS X in boot
  • Deviato's OSInstall - to allow MBR install of OS X

Now the laptop triple boots Windows XP, Windows 7 and Snow Leopard with MBR partition.


For detailed instruction, follow this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4749

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