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XPS M1210 Snow Leopard


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This is how I made a successful installation of snow leopard on my XPS M1210.


Im running the system using all the native drivers, there are no patched drivers except the basic ones that I have in my /Extra folder.




Lets go back to business:



Buy a Snow Leopard DVD you bastards, you gonna need it and you gonna love it, DO IT!



I used an external Drive with an asignated partition to run the instalation.



Simply because installing from an external HDD is faster and also I needed to make constant changes into the "com.apple.Boot.plist" and the /Extra folder until I found the formula that worked with me, that would be a little more complicated using solely the retail DVD.


Also I created a 2nd partition to install snow leopard and keep my internal HDD untouched and use it while I realized how to make Snow Leopard usable and dont f***k up my system.





I used "myHack_Installer_1.1" to install the drivers and bootloader into the installer partition (called "Mac OS X Install DVD")


You can find it here: http://osx86.sojugarden.com/downloads/


Once you download it, open it, and select the partition/drive where you have you installer.


The "customize" button will allow you to select certain kext for your system, but this are the ones (and also, other I found around here and there...), so, when the installation completes, just delete all the kexts in the /Extra folder and copy the ones here:




Download Extra Kexts




With this, you are ready to install.


Install wherever you want it.



intel GMA 950: A PAIN IN THE A.... REAR


yes, all we know the intel gma 945 (aka 950) it pure {censored}, but I still managed to run it on Snow Leopard using native drivers.


It still a mystery to me how I made this possible, not sure if it is the EFI string on the .plist or... dunno...


ANYWAY, the solution its quite simple:

(its highly recommended to have an external monitor, but still, it should run even without it).


The XPS M1210 have button that switch screen when pressed (fn + F8).

If when booting (without any external monitor plug in) you have a blackscreen, press those buttons until you manage to see your screen working.


Thats all I did, and it did work.




If you plug your external monitor and either the internal screen or the external monitor do not work (black sreen), just set an active corner (exposé) to turn the screen off.


When you touch that corner, all the screens should turn off, so, all that you have to do is to move the pointer out of there corner to turn on all the screens, with actually sound quite of dumb... BUT IT WORK!


and.... thats all :unsure:






+ intel wireless 3945 do not work, I even change it for more RAM, so I dont have that card anymore.

+ I use an external USB Card since vodooHDA does nothing on my laptop.

+ DVD drive works

+ Intel Core 2 Duo works with 2 cores enable.

+ Firewire works

+ Bluetooth works.


+ My english sucks, I know...



All questions are welcome.

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