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Sony VAIO VPCEB1Z1R (i5/HM55/ATI5650)


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DualCore Intel Core i5 430M, 2533 MHz (19 x 133)

Intel Ibex Peak-M HM55, Intel Ironlake-M

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 (1024 Мб) (1920x1080 60hz)

ATI Radeon HDMI @ ATI Redwood/Madison - High Definition Audio

Realtek ALC269 @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio

Marvell Yukon 88E8059 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter

Ricoh PCIe SD Bus Host Adapter


Trying to compile DSDT. Got these errors:


dsdt.dsl 312: LNKF,

Error 4064 - ^ Object does not exist (LNKF)


dsdt.dsl 5020: If (PICM)

Error 4064 - Object does not exist ^ (PICM)


dsdt.dsl 3758: If (LNotEqual (TBAB, Zero))

Error 4096 - parse error ^






PS: Chameleon RC5, Generate P and C States = Yes, but C states not listed in system info.

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BIG thanks! ^) (I like it too :P)


Got crash on "About my Mac" open. :( do you have any ideas why?


x64 mode is working now(!), but without PS/2 devices LOL :\

Use correct smbios

try with macBookpro6,1






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have two sections in IOREG both with ps/2 keyboard and mouse, but one with ALPS tracpad (right hw).

so laptop keyboard working, but trackpad - not yet :stretcher:



BIIIIG thanks for SMBIOSEFI.kext! now I have macbook pro 8.1 -_-

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it's so .... wierd! :censored2:

About My Mac crashes again. But I have all other stuff working now, audio via patched AppleHDA and PS/2 ... without any additional kexts! Video with 3d acceleration working only via HDMI (VGA output not tested).


With external LCD Sleep working fine :censored2:


So just need somehow fix problems with lapptop screen...

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Still have problems : (Any help please...)

* "About my Mac" still crashing whole system (closing opened programs and restarts video manager)

same for system def. 6.1/8.x MacBookPro

* Integrated video cam work fine... if no IORegExplorer opened. If launch PhotoBooth while IORegExpl. opened - last will freeze.

* With new ATI drivers (from early 2011 MacBookPro update) and GraphicsEnabler=Yes - video card work with full acceleration, but only on HDMI output.



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