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Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

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Hey guys, I have been obviously MIA for a while because of work, etc. But I wanted to chime in since I had no idea this thread was still getting hits! Glad to see that my project has been talked about :)


I have gotten a few requests for the source design but haven't had the chance to respond. To those who wanted the files, let me know what files you need. I will gladly release them to you guys to further develop and distribute this piece of hardware. I'll dig up the vector design and also the BOM (if i can find it).


Hi there... I'm one of the "hungry" for the files that emailed you, but luckily I did it within the last few days. LOL


I can't wait for those files/info to start my G5 mod!!


(I'd really like the pinouts, the source of the parts, and the program you used to sketch the layout of the PCB - also the access to your video :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: )


Thanks for the great source of inpiration!!

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zammykoo , I am also interested to take one too... PM me when you are ready to geve me one.



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