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Apple DP2 update


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I just installed the update for Apple DP2 to my Hacintosh Lion and my founding are


1. cannot boot unless using the -v option.

2. Sound driver AppleHDA.kext has to be re-installed.

3. The Lion Hard drive not show up in sidebar any more... need to open finder preference and make it show up in desktop.

4. A memory slot utility pop up on system start up .. saying my memory slots installation is wrong.. It shows up as 16G system memory while I only have 6G.


System I have


Asus P6T SE, icore 930. 6GHz Ram . 9800GT 512Mhz display with dual monitors.

Installed with

-xpc 0.82.33 with patched DSDT.aml from my Snow 10.6.7

added fakesmc into S/L/E

removed PlatformSupport.plist from System/Library/CoreServices

replaced AppleHDA.kext with what is modified for ALC1200

added the Realtek Network driver to the plug-in of IONetworkFamily.kext

added NVenabler64.kext ,,, perfect graphic for the dual monitors.

installed update for PD2 and removed the PlatformSupport.plist from System/Libray/CoreServices.


Known bug

- sleep mode will make a CMOS reset.. once reboot , have to re-config CMOS.


update : (May1st) installed the new 11A444d update via software update.

1. have to reinstall appleHDA to get back sound

2. have to remove memory slot utility from S/L/CoreService to avoid warning windows after boot.

3. now can boot without -v

4. the cmos reset problem for sleep mode is the same.


look like faster boot.


update (May 8) : installed the Kabyl_LionV3 by replacing the "boot" binary file of the Chameleon V2 RC5 in snow .

Remove the fakesmc.kext and the NVEnabler64.kext from S/L/E as they are already in /Extra.

Now can do dual boot with either the original Snow or the Lion. Do without the XPC USB flash drive for booting.


update (May 15):

updatet to 11A459e. need to replace AppleHDA.kext to get back sound.

replaced AppleRTC.kext with the Snow 10.6.7 and the CMOS BIOS reset problem solved.

run Trim Enabler 1.1. to get TRIM for OCZ SSD drive

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can you upload your xpc setting info .plist

because i dont know how to set uuid

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