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HP DV6-2170ep


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I'm posting my clean DSDT for this system, extracted from Ubuntu!


I've been following the Mammoth Thread and I helped him testing for i5 CPUs...


Just have some kinks to work out, but I think that they are all DSDT-related...


My major problem is the sound that refuses itself to work no matter what I try!!!



Here it is, hope you can help me.


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- Vanilla AC (_PRW)

- OS Definition (0x07D6)

- LPC (Low Pin Count) Intel Device injection (cooler temperatures and Turbo mode)

- IRQ correction, HPET, TIMR, RTC

- HPET return 0x0F

- CMOS reset fix

- Native USB with _DSM, purging _PSM

- EHCI injection

- USB rename to UHC

- HDEF injection

- Realtek injection (cosmetic)

- SMBUS ICH10 controller injection

- Firewire power saving (L1A GPE)

- Firewire port injection

- Shutdown fix (_PTS method)

- Backlight vanilla slider enable (with native GenericBrightness.kext)

- HDMI audio fix

- Support for AppleACPIBatteryManager for DVx by gsly

- Add names for the JMicron card readers



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I'll try to patch the sound file...


Regarding the rest, the OS is working a lot better and I gained 500points almost in geekbench.


My graphics card only gets enabled by GraphicsEnabler, and I lost some brightness to the screen (still dunno where to adjust it).


Had a problem with my ethernet card, but after using {censored}loads of different apps to restore permissions, it started working.


Sleep, shutdown, restart, all good...


Now have to experiment with trackpad, keyboard and other features without kexts in the extra folder, to see whats really working.

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After trying the DSDT, most things got better!


But, I'm still trying to make the sound work...


Regardless, my main problem now is the brightness, I lost half of if, and when I try no adjust it via the system preferences, the bar is already at maximum and does not move.


Is there any thing you can adjust?



Thanks in advance!



PS - I noticed you are from Rio,, if you want you can speak portuguese.

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I'm still investigating the matter of Brightness... But from what I've read, it has something to do with not having graphic injection on DSDT, I'm using graphics enabler...


I've seen some code from tonymac's forum to inject nvidia graphics, but I'm not sure where to replace the PCI0 device, because when I replace it and try to compile, I start having errors...



Can you help with this?


I can supply whatever values you need from IOregistry

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