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Acer Aspire One 522 (Dual Core AMD Fusion) anyone made it work?

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Hey guys just picked up a Aspire One 522


(The Dual core with the ATI HD6XXX on Chip)


Wondering if anyone has attempted Hackintoshing one of these.


Are netbooks limited to osx 10.5.x?


I've never hackintoshed a laptop or a netbook let alone a AMD Equipped PC


Is iAtkos S3 a good place to start?

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Hadn't tried yet as I got my AO522 only two days ago. Anyway I'm pretty sure it's possible to get OS X 10.6 up and running on this note using nawcom's modUSB and legacy kernel from nawcom or Andy. Problems might occur later on trying to get QI/CE/HDMI/D-SUB working with APU-integrated Radeon HD or things like cool-n-quite, backlight intensity setting, e.t.c. So I wouldn't expect installation to be an easy rote but it should be generally possible after lot of try-n-fix efforts.


I'm going to give it a try a bit later after installing linux as a second boot OS. My final goal is to have triple boot system on this netbook.

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I have installed Mavericks 10.9.5 ( vanilla ) with AMD kernel. Launches fast. Buuuuut nothing works except the sound ( I have installed last VoodooHDA ). Someone have a solution for graphics and/or wifi card? Acer Aspire 522 uses AMD C-60 APU, ATI Radeon 6290. Please help! 

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