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Netgear wna1100/ athros ar9271

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Hey im trying to build or modify a kext to work for this card... i dont really know where to start, other than maybe to add the device id to the io80211.kext with the devise id (some athros cards are supported), but i cant find the id that starts with "pci"... this is the information i have on the wireless usb adapter, i took it apart and copied the numbers from the chip, and also plugged it in to my m1330 (snow leopard) and copied the information from there as well:

heres what i have anyone care to help?


from chip:







VER 1.2


and from system profiler:

Product ID: 0x9030

Vendor ID: 0x0846

Version: 1.08

Serial Number: 12345

Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec

Manufacturer: NETGEAR WNA

Location ID: 0xfd100000

Current Available (mA): 500


really hope someone can help me out here... i know quite a few people have this usb adapter (its a inexpensive 150n adapter) and id like to help us all out... i could buy a new card but i like this one....

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