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Last two issues with my computer...

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So, I've got my DSDT file setup and after disabling usb legacy from my BIOS I have gotten sleep to work and wake up, only issue is that after it wakes, selecting things with my mouse are strange. Any menu I go to ends up flipping through ALL menus (and this is without a jumpy cursor). And then seems to almost "settle" and work correctly again.


My other issue is one that only recently got fixed in Linux and I honestly don't foresee a fix but maybe someone has experience. My hard drive has a power saving "feature" that doesn't sit well with any other OS except windows. Without input to the computer, the Hard drive locks down. Say I want to download something or backup my computer and are not actively using the computer, it decides to lock down the hard drive so everything works really slowly.


If anyone has any help for either, it would be greatly appreciated and would be the icing on the cake of my install. Not major issues but paper cuts that would make this great.

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