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Installing Retail Version ?


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I have 10.6.3 installed and working, but I want to install a full retail version ( I plan to buy this via Amazon )


This leaves me with a couple of questions..


1. Once I've purchased the retail version is it legal to install it onto a none Apple PC ?

2. Using the DVD I downloaded, during installation I followed the customise option to install kexts for my video, sound and LAN.


How will I get those installed using a retail version ?


I hope it's ok asking this, I DON'T want to pirate the software, I'm happy to buy :D



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The legality of it depends on where in the world you live. Suffice to say, Apple don't like it.


Hacked DVDs use the same kernel extensions, patches and fixes that are available for download in this forum and elsewhere.


You will use a boot CD or bootable USB flash drive to boot the retail DVD. This will have the kernel extensions that you need, at least in order to successfully boot the DVD and install OS X. If you need to apply anything else once you're done installing, you can find it here and on other scene forums.

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It's a gray area at best. I'm not familiar with UK legislation.


The OS X end user license agreement states that it can only be installed on Apple labeled hardware.

Some people take that very literally, place an Apple sticker on their PC and feel better.


Bottom line, if you want to run OS X with a clean conscience, then run it on a Mac.

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So Apple don't like it but are they likely to do anything about it ? (UK) ??


I have the equivalent of a Mac Mini that cost £70, massive saving.. but I would like to be legal !!


I'm taking you're using a DISTRO right now? By full version what do you mean to apply? Because you're running full version of 10.6.3 instead, but if you mean full version as in updating, there could be problems updating, but the chances are to fix these problems are much more easier than say, updating a DISTRO system.


10.6.3 -> 10.6.6/10.6.6/10.6.7, works on my machine, without a hitch, and I only have to unlock 64 bit, each time. My wireless, audio and all that stuff, is left un-attacked, where as if one of these problems occur, I can target a specific area of my machine, and re-evaulte, why is doesn't work, but I haven't delt with something like that yet.


Distro is good, but not for updating, if it goes wrong, than you're going to need to research why, where as getting retail to work in the first place, gives you the opportunity of testing your own system, seeing what's correctly installing, what doesn't work etc. And these are all required pre-basic info, that might help you into fixing the problem, for your machine in the future.


If you don't plan on updating (just using XCODE etc.) then it's fine the way it is.

If you really want a legal mac, just buy a mac, even if they're expensive, it's the pure experience Apple have created.

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So Apple don't like it but are they likely to do anything about it ? (UK) ??


I have the equivalent of a Mac Mini that cost £70, massive saving.. but I would like to be legal !!


For it to be beyond the shadow of a doubt legal, you would have to buy a Mac,

because their assertion revolves on not installing their software on any non-mac

hardware. Whether it is actually illegal for you would have to be determined in a

court of law. If you bought a boxed set, you would be less likely to be prosecuted.


Many people feel ethically fine with the 10.6.3 upgrade which is complete. I have

the boxed set of Panther 10.3 and 10.6.3 dvd. Apple is trying to make the legal claim about

whether you purchased the hardware assembled system from them, I think found in a EULA.


No, a boxed set won't make you legal from the Apple pov, but less likely to be singled

out. There are now more Hackintoshes than Linux. You can apply a Mac4Lin theme

to a Linux Desktop, apply grub2 and Burg for a graphical boot loader, and 50+%

of the users who primarily surf and email wouldn't appreciate the difference, and with

almost no install problems. However, underneath the Desktop, Hackintosh offers specific

stuff for upper-end users like Mac Xcode for developers. I have such a beginning book :D

and an "advanced LaTeX editing environment" to write such a book or produce a thesis.



The cost effective way for Apple is to evolve releases so that they are increasingly

difficult to adapt for use on non-mac manufactured computers, and not attempt to

prosecute myriad PC owners, many of who will be judgment proof teenagers.

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