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[HELP] Can't get into desktop (ATKOS v7)


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Dear members,


After some searching in the Post-Installation area, it comes back to me that DVI interface on my main board is not working in osx86, so now I'm fine with a D-sub cable.


It's happy sharing here, and thanks very much for viewing this thread!!!




Original Post:


I'm having problem with my iATKOS 10.5.7, it used be working fine a while back, but now when I try to boot up it stuck in the blue-sky screen forever.


- I can get the boot menu and tried to boot in verbose mode, see the log running and seems no problem, but then it finished and enter into GUI mode, all I can see is the blue-sky background, never get into the gray desktop.


- I can also boot into single user mode, get the root shell and disk checking and mounting was OK, but then I exit from the shell and it still stuck in the blue-sky.


- I have tried booting with -v -x -f but still stuck at the same screen


It seems like my boot up is fine, but there's something missing so I can't get into my desktop. Could someone please kindly show me some pointers as how should I check my system or create new user account/directory? or in any way I can trouble-shoot, maybe in single-user mode?


Thanks in advance!



P.S. My PC is running dual-boot with osx86 and windows 7 using BCDedit. It has been a while I only use windows 7, and now I need to use Mac OS and found it's not working. I'm not sure if I need to use the installation CD to try recovery? will that fail or make me unable to switch back to windows 7 any more?



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