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Success! - Acer Aspire 1670


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Got it working using the Vmware .img file, ubuntu, usb drive and a lot of patience!


Only things NOT working are:-


1) WIreless

2) Sound

3) Decent screen res - its ATi Radeon Mobility 9700 - stuck at 1024x768 when screen can go to 1280x800


Is there a fix for this screen rez issue?



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Hi Mark,


I have an acer aspire 2003wlmi... sound works though - staight out of the box as it were, but wireless is the same for me as is the video. :( I have ATI 9200 Mobility Radeon


From looking around the (this) forum I have found solutions for intel chipsets (not a surprise really) but nothing to help us ATI users... at least not yet!


as I have no chance of EVER being able to develop a fix myself I'll just have to be paitent and keep my eyes/ears open...


I believe it's only a matter of time... sorry this reply is not really "help"...

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