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[Guide] Installing Apple Bluetooth Module in your Hackintosh

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Hi, could someone confirm that this is correct wring for this bluetooth module, got out of a Mid 2011 iMac but had no connection block.



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I bought an a1181 and a voltage converter and I followed the guide. The module work, but I have a little problem. My hackintosh is over a triple boot pc: mac, windows 8 and linux debian. When I reboot my pc from mac i'm able to use bluetooth keyboard to chose the os to boot. But if I reboot from windows or linux the keyboard doesn't work. So someone had the same problem? I can't find nothing to resolve this problem.


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yeah, I had similar issues. Sometimes my bluetooth keyboard worked even in clover, sometimes it wouldn't. I never really looked into it because I didn't need it in clover and I didn't need it windows since I used a different keyboard for windows.

So I can confirm that you're not alone but I can't help you out...

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