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Nxtop Engine

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Just thought I would post this for all who are trying to go with a TYpe 1 Hypervisor.




You can register to use the Nxtop Engine free of charge. It is a great product. I am using it on my Dell E6410 with no problems.


It tool some tweaking but I finally got OSX 10.6 5 to install.


Some of you may want to try it and lets get some feedback. The really GREAT thing is that once you have a working OSX install, you can move it between machines.

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I have downloaded it, as Donk says looks interesting, it appears to be based on the Xen Hypervisor, but like Donk I have not had a chance to try it yet, hopefully this coming weekend.


ToGr82B4Gotn if you can provide some pointers on how you managed to get OS X installed under NxTop Engine that would be great.




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