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Windows gone after Chameleon Update


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Hi Everyone,

at first i'd like to thank the forum for a lot of useful information which brought me to this point.


I succesfully installed Windows7 and OSX on different partitions with tonymacs guide. Everything works fine, except for the VRam-dedection in OSX.

So I downloaded the latest Chameleon2 RC5 from here to fix it.

Now VRAM and all graphic-feautures work well, but my Windows7 boot-option is gone.

The Chameleon bootscreen only shows OSX.


Could someone help me with this problem?

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I already checked that forum, but i wasnt able to find a topic related to my specific problem.




It appears that Chameleon was installed to the entire MBR. The thread above is about doing a manual install of Chameleon with fdisk440 that is inside the Chameleon /i386 folder. It only writes to 440 bytes of the 512 byte MBR, leaving room for Windows to exert some presence. I think for some reason that the RC5 may have overwritten the whole 512 bytes instead of the 440 bytes it's designed to do. Gringo would know if that is a plausible idea.


This is what I would do. Repair the Windows partition so that Windows owns the MBR. Download free Easybcd and Add Mac OS X to the Easybcd boot menu. You should be able to boot both Windows and SL then. Now, you can try to make Chameleon the bootloader again. If it doesn't work out, then you know how to fall back to get both OS working again.

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