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pls help to fix my video card Geforce 7300GT on SL 10.6.8 ON Gigabyte EP31-DS3L cpu intel pentium dual E2200 2.20Ghz, DDR2 2gb, sata drive: 160gb. tks


That is a kext issue and not a DSDT issue.

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So I count the characters and say it is 20 I will enter Buffer(0020) and the compiler will change it to Buffer (0x..) and if you put to many you get ,,,,,, that tells you you are over 3 buffer sizes to large or more.


That's good to know that it warns you if you go way over. I probably should just post up my DSDT edit in case I'm doing something obviously wrong. Here's it is before and after edit.


The only thing that I can think of, is on my old board the slot name was absent. So I had to add it to have it show in System Profiler. With this one it's present and I'm trying to rename it. Perhaps it's being renamed by the DSDT and then getting changed back again elsewhere? I know it can be done as Chameleon seems to manage.

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