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Dual Boot Help!


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well ok... i have 3 partitions on a 80gb drive... 1st partition has xp on it, 2nd has osx, and 3rd has Red Hat. Everytime i bootup my computer it goes to grub. I all I want to do now is to add OSX to grub. But i cant seem to figure out how to edit the grub.conf file to add osx to the grub bootloader menu... or any other way I would be able to choose between XP and OSX....

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I am also using grub, so i'll give ya some help... Its really not that hard if youve edited a grub list before...


> Boot into your Linux Distro (Red Hat)


> type 'cd /boot/grub'


> start 'nano menu.lst' in super-user mode

this is done either by typing "sudo nano menu.lst" if your account is set up for sudo, or

by typing 'su', logging in as root, and then typing 'nano menu.lst'

(The first method is considered better practice, but both work)


> Add the following lines to the bottom of the file:


title Mac OSX

rootnoverify (hd0,2)


chainloader +1



> I have assumed that your partitions are (in order) 0:Windows 1:Linux 2:Mac

if this is incorrect, switch (hd0,2) to (hd0,PartitionNumber)

also, if it is not on the first disk (hd0), use the correct disk number, ie: hd1


> Quit and save changes by pressing Ctr-X Y Enter


> Reboot, and you should see Mac OSX on the list



keith B)

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wow, thanks, you helped me as well! LOL. Anyways you really helped me, prolly because your name is keith....its my name......all keiths are gods.....amonge......................mortals.......

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Well my problem is (wat i hear) very simple BUT .. ther is a problem


i read THiS file .. (Step 3) and it tells me that i must look in de msconfig of Windows XP SP2 .. and look at the tab "Boot.ini" .. but there is one problem.. there is non.. on my Pc i see it.. But .. on my laptop.. (were Mac OS X is installed) .. there is no tab ..


does anyone know what the problem is?

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Hmm, I don't know, im trying to dual boot suse/os X

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