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Yet another LIne6 Toneport Noise burst problem


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hey guys. Done some searching on the forums, and most people seem to resolve their issue by installing the latest drivers provided by line6. Well thats great and all, except i can't seem to get that to work. When playing in logic, i get these bursts of white nonise, and try playing a guitar in is pointless, as it jsut comes out all gnanrled.


However, when i use my buddies M-Audio Fastrack Ultra, i can record 4, up to 6 inputs in at once without a single issue. I was wondering if it was a bus problem, but maybe not.


Im running Snow Leo 10.6.4, on a Dell Gx620, dual 3.2 ghz, 4gb ram...32bit though...


Also something i noticed though, if spinning through amp models in PODFarm the crackling goes crazy, which makes me wonder if its related to the video card, which is an Nvidia 9400GS, EFI string, dual monitors, though i will admit i doubt QE/CI is enabled, as it says "unknown card"


Any suggestions other than getting a new interface guys?



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