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Help: QE/CI stops working after iTunes update


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I recently decided to install iATKOS S3 V2 on a Lenovo SL500 laptop. Things have been going relatively well. I have this one small video issue and I wonder if anyone has seen this before.


After a fresh install, QE/CI is enabled and fully functional. I am also getting all resolutions for my card (NVidia G105M). As soon as I update iTunes (only itunes, nothing else), my QE/CI breaks (i.e. no more ripples on gadget screen). The Time Machine outer space browser thing also breaks where the screen will just freezes up (hitting esc brings me back to the desktop).


The odd thing is if I do a full Time Machine system restore to just before the iTunes update, QE/CI is still broken. It's almost as if it gets broken at the hardware level (yea, i know.. far fetched). When this happens, the only way I've found to get back QE/CI is to do a fresh install.


I browsed all the log files that I am aware of and I don't see anything helpful.


Oh, and I'm using Natit for my graphics. It's the only thing that has been working for me. Everything else results in either generic VGA (e.g. 1024x768 or whatever) or black screen on boot. I'm still fairly new at this so the EFI strings and custom DSDT is a bit over my head.


Any ideas?

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