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ESXi 4.1 VM Stuck in OSX install


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Been on this site for a while. Sucessfully installed OSX to Dell 7 and 10 last year


Just started the ESXi 4.1 install of SL on to a Dell Poweredge 710 server Intel 5650 CPU.


Followed manual and a number of the many steps on the virtualization thread


1. Installed and script patched the vmware-darwin310-macosx1064

2. Created VM just like naivivvuli did in post 2086 on page 105

3. Edited .vmx as instructed with the lines from the manual and SCSI replaced with IDE

4. Booted from DVD F8 F5 sees the install DVD (early retail SL) added rd(0,1)/legacy_kernel -v -f -x rd=disk1s3

5. A lot happens on the console and then after a two minutes or so it gets stuck with a time-out error


I have attached a pdf with .vmx and a screen shot of the console where it times out.


Any assistance would be appreciated. Could the issues be around the early retail SL disk or the 5600 series processors?


Thanks much in advance.




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Sorry for the delayed response, have a look at my post 2087 in response to naivivvuli and his updated post 2088. The other likely issue is your Xeon 5600 series processor, has only recently been supported by Apple, 10.6.4 onwards. So your retail DVD may be an issue, try the later 10.6.3 retail DVD. Also you will need to add a CPUID mask to your VMX configuration fiel, see my consolidated post for details.




Good luck,


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