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Mouse "disappearing" from OSx VM

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I am using Windows 7 x64

Vmware Workstation 7

OSx 10.6.6

VM Tools installed in OSx



The install went fine, OSx boots up fine. OSc runs fine for a while, 10-15 minutes, then when I try to move the mouse around inside the VM, nothing happens. The pointer doesn't even show up. When I move my mouse outside of the VM window or press crtl-alt the mouse shows up.

The only thing I can really do is reboot. That does solve the problem. But it occurs again every time.



Not sure how to go about even troubleshooting this.



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Hi, for some reason the board wouldn't let me reply to your post. I had the same problem with 10.6.6 in vmWare 7.1.3 with SVGA 1.3.0d7 and vmware tools 3.1.2. The way I solved it was to move all sliders for power management to "never", disable hdd and monitor sleep and disable screen-saver. HTH


This solved the issue. Thanks to xpeh78

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