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Help with OSX86 on Athon 64 with A8N-SLI


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Hi Guys,


I'm trying to install the MAC OSX86 10.4.6 on my computer but it always hangs when it start coping the files, my configuration is:


A64 3200+ , SSE2 only, not SS3 :-(



ATI x800 PCIE.


I've read that the OSX is not native compatible with SATA HDs. Will i have to install it to a VMware and after move it to a common partition after a kernel path or there is RELEASE on the net that can install direct to SATA drives ?


I've also read that i'll have problems to make my X800 work on it, looks like there is also a fix for the 9700 driver to make it work too ?


Last thing, I've seem a lot of releases on the net of 10.4.6 (Goatsecx, HOTISO, JAN, myzar) , what is the most suitable for my configuration? Right now im trying with the Goatsecx.


Thanks guys,


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