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[Guide] 10.6.4 - GiGA 945GCM S2C - Core 2 Dou - GF8400GS


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upp ! I spent 5 day for my MAC-PC and i found something may be helpfull for you guys !


My system:

Main Board GiGa 945GCM S2C.


I installed 10.6.3 then Updated to 10.6.4 by Update Combo, The result:

LAN : Work out of Box.

USB : Work Out of Box.

VGA OnBoard : Not Test (b/c I used HD2600 Pro)


Sound : I will NOT work with any KEXT you use but i found the way to solve this:

- Step 1 : You should buy or borrow a USB SOund Card (any kind I bought a very cheap one, it was 3$, the sound quality was so bad @_@).

- Step 2 : You have to delete all Audio Kext is now exist (VoodooHDA or AppleHDA)

- Step 2 : Plug your USB sound card and then restart after that the sound is now available but quality is not good and you want to use the on-board sound instead)

- Step 4 : Turn of the computer and Plug the sound card out, now YOU CAN USE THE ON-BOARD SOUND CARD I don't know why but now my on-board sound work.


VGA : (HD 2600 Pro): Work but just one resolution.

I changed to GF 8400GS & enable NVEnable -> It work with full feature.


PS2 Keyboard & Mouse: Just KeyBoard Work. Mouse wont.


p.s : Here is the sound card i bought:



I dont know how to edit the HCL (http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.6.4)

I hope someone may add my system to the list.

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