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Hi all, captain Pandy reporting back for duty..


I've been running Tiger for about 4 days now and have only killed it once (running the QE hack) so decided to stay away from that in future LOL.


Now, there's a problem I had to face so let me save you all some time.


I tried over and over to get the flash plugin working in safari, no dice.


It would install but then would ask to be installed again and nothing would display in the browser.


I tried the same thing with deer park and again, failure.


So, I switched to Opera, and installed the flash plugin and it works and displays all SWF.


So, if you need to be able to view Flash stuff in your browser Opera is the way to go.


My system is...


Celeron D

Asrock 915

512mb ram


All onboard used, running deadmoos curtis image.



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