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Enable ethernet on Airport Express?

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I have been trying to do this for quite some time with no success.


First off, I have a Qwest 2Wire DSL Modem + Wireless Access Point. 

I am trying to get my Airport Express to connect into it, and then enable the ethernet port so that I can hook up a wired-only system into the wireless network.


It is in a detatched workshop so hardwiring is out of the question at the moment. 


Is there a way to trick the Airport Express into enabling the Ethernet port when it is just joining the wireless network rather than Repeating it?


I have already tried the repeating option, and it would appear that it is something that Qwest locked out of their Wireless Access Point... bastards.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Just realized that I accidentally posted in the Hackintosh Hardware section.

Would a Mod mind moving over to the Apple Computers and Harware section?

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