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Final Cut Pro is the only thing not working (GTX480 the culprit?)


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Hi all,


I have successfully used Aitkos V2 S3 to install 10.6.3, then updated to 10.4 & .5 using instructions from this site, as well as enabling my GTX480 successfully so that my resolution is 3360x1050 + 1920x1200, spread over three monitors.


The machine I'm using is an editing workstation:


Supermicro X7DWA-N.

2 x X5450 Xeon 3.00GHz CPUs.


Bunch of HDDs (all visible (though write protected) by the OS) some of which are in RAID.

and of course the GTX480 GPU.

I don't care that the Ethernet ports don't work (though if someone has a fix I'd love to hear it)



The GPU appears to be functioning normally; I can make Adobe Premiere CS5 use the hardware enabled CUDA acceleration and have tested the results with software only and with hardware enabled and the difference in render time is substantial.


In fact, the only problem I have with the otherwise amazing system is that Final Cut 7 will not open.


I managed to install FCStudio 3 just fine and then hacked the minsys file to simply warn me about the requirements not being met rather than block me, but still, after ignoring the warnings, the program just crashes before it ever loads.


The other applications from Studio 3 work fine; it's only Final Cut 7 that fails, which is annoying because it is the sole reason that I undertook this Hackintoshing exercise.


I know lots has been said about the 480 causing trouble; is that what is causing my problem? Or is it something else?


I do wonder why it would be if CS5 is working fine with the GPU and actually using the MPE capability of the card.


Any help would be much appreciated!



-- John

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