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David Schlüter

Install Bootcamp for win 7 (Unsupported Macs)

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Here is a little help in how to install Bootcamp on 64Bit unsupported Macs.


Go download Bootcamp, the Bootcamp.exe does not work, but go ahead and find an uncompressed version, once you downloaded bootcamp 3, use the command line (in German it is called "Eingabeaufforderung") right click and open as administrator. If you know a little dos code, this should be easy. "dir" is directory and "cd" is catalog.


Anyways when you have the command line open find the bootcamp 3 folder and locate "BootCamp64.msi" file.

next copy the directory to BootCamp64.msi then you can paste this in the command line, easier then using the cd and dir command.

Here you find the file, look in -- "Boot Camp 3:Drivers:Apple:BootCamp64.msi"


If you have this file in D hard drive, then go to harddrive D in the command line then "cd Boot Camp\Drivers\Apple" then "cd BootCamp64.msi"


now it will install Bootcamp64 version. If you didn't do as administrator, it will not install.


All works perfect, everything installed. If you have digital sound output, make sure you change from analog to digital in the sound control panel in windows 7. Or you will receive no sound, unless you unplug your optical cable from your jack.


From games I never was able to do 5.1 sound thou, just stereo.

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