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[HELP]Because installing hackintosh, partition become unallocated


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Guys I need your help :):D


I want to install hackintosh in my laptop

in my HDD there are 4 partitions.

1. System Reserved -> for win 7

2. SYSTEM -> OS win 7

3. DATA -> My data

4. OSX86 -> for hackintosh


for more details, view this following picture



At first I doing format at OSX86 partition to be "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" file system, but

when install I forgot to choose customize, so when i cancel it.


I re install the hackintosh again.

Suddenly "DATA" partition disappear :((

And become unallocated space

In "DATA" partition contains many important files


How to recover the "DATA" partition ??? (not recover the files)


Many many thank you :D

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I'm sorry to tell you this, but there is nothing you can do to recover a whole partition table if you didn't make any Ghost backups of it (Norton Ghost)...


You can, however undelete your files - which would be the best idea now IMO. You can either repair your Win partition and boot to Windows and use an undelete software there, or use a Linux live disc and a linux undelete tool from a USB drive.


Don't waste your time, and most importantly DON'T install anything until you recovered your files, because they might get overwritten!


Hope it helped...

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I would recommend the use of a live cd if you need those files back. In fact it is absolutely possible to restore lost/deleted/overwritten partition tables. Or at least there is software out there, that can find the partitions and recreate the old partition structure. Just google "Partition Recovery" and read a bit about it. If you avoid to write new data to the former partitions, chances are good, that you can get your files back.


I personally would avoid using the harddisk to boot up any OS, since data will be written to the harddisk, which could destroy files that could possibly be restored.

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Using my old friend TestDisk did the job!!! Thank you so very much again & again you deserve a billion $ for what you've done (INDIRECTLY)!

I deleted EFI Partition to create a new one, because it stopped booting,and then the whole disk space became unallocated.but TestDisk saved the day!

CHEERS! You're The Best GRinGo!! :)

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