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The Blue Screen


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I've had the same problem but just recently it fixed for whatever reasone after an install. Do these things to ensure that you might get a working copy.


1 - Write Zero's to your iPod using Disk Utility

2 - Partition using the Intel Map "in options."

3 - After all your formating is done, get info on the volume you will be installing Leopard on and disable "ignore permissions." This f***s OSX up bad.

4 - When you install make sure you select Airport as your network, even if you use E-Net, because for some reason it fcked up otherwise.

5 - When you get logged in for the first time, diable auto-login.


Tell me if you experience more problems.

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mingistech-this wont install on any G3, according to the 'before you install' info. 


mvv- try this with the ipod- 


      In disk utilities, give it 2 partitons. 'Restore' the dmg to 1. 

      Then start the install process from the first partition. It will act as a 'dvd install disc'. 

      When it re-starts, choose the partition #2 to install to.

Install as normal. 


This worked great for me with a firewire drive. Using it now. The bonus is having the 'install' disc right there, ready to access the optional installs like Xcode, if needed. I can also unplug it and see how it does on my G4 imac. 

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