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Introducing myself

Gian Piero

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Hello everybody, this is Gian Piero, working in the pc's area since 1981 (started with a Sinclair ZX81) and today trying to create his own hackintosh


I would like to win this bet... are 2 weeks that I try with a motherboara Asus P5KPL-AM but I don't understand what I do wrongly ... my Hackintosh does not work!! :D


I have perfectly installed the IDENEB 1.5.1 10.5.7 but when have to start at the first boot erros comes on the screen saying that UNCOMPRESSED FILE IS NOT THE LEGHT RECORDED or





I know that I am close to resolve it...but a little help will make me very happy ;)


all you buddies are welcome in my friendlist!


Greetings from Brazil!





Hello. This is japogiii, and this is my first post here.


This is my guide into getting a PERFECT HACKINTOSH working on an ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard. (G31+ICH7 chipset)


PERFECT HACKINTOSH means that everything works, including USB, sound, video with QE/CI enabled, sleep, restart, and shutdown.


I have spent almost three days without sleep trying to get this thing to work, and the final result is that it works just as Steve Jobs would have intended.


Here are the important parts which I used for this computer:

Processor: Pentium Dual Core e5200 (2 cores @ 2.5 ghz each)

Motherboard: ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS

Hard Drive: 80 GB Samsung (IDE)

500 GB Seagate (SATA)

DVD Drive: LG Internal Super Multi DVD Rewriter 22x (SATA)

RAM: 2 GB Kingston Value Ram 800mhz DDR2

Graphics Card: Sparkle 9600GT 512mb PCI-E


Install method is through iDeneb v1.4 (10.5.6)



BIOS Settings

Here are the BIOS settings I used for the P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard. BIOS settings are important to get full sleep, shutdown and restart working.


Primary IDE Master: 80 GB Samsung

SATA: 500 GB Seagate



ATA/IDE Config: Enhanced

Enhanced Mode Support On: S-ATA


Onboard PCIE GbE LAN: Disabled

(I disabled the onboard LAN because I use a Netgear Wireless USB anyway.)


Plug and Play O/S: Yes



Suspend Mode: S3 Only

ACPI 2.0 Support: Enabled

Restore on AC Power Loss: Power Off


Boot Device Priority

1st: HDD Samsung

2nd: DVD LG


Partitioning the Drive and Dualbooting with XP

Refer to this guide



BUT INSTEAD of Kalyway 10.5.2,

substitute it with iDeneb v1.4.


You know where to find it. ;)

Customize the installation, and check these boxes for this particular setup:


ICHX support (because this P5KPL-AM/PS is a G31/ICH7 chipset)

nvDarwin 512 mb (for the 9600GT videocard)


I didn't check anything for sound, because this is going to be patched later on.


Install. Then it will reboot. Follow the rest of the instructions on


for bootloading.


If you did everything correctly, boot into the OS X partition and you should see the welcome video. (Nice, eh. QE/CI enabled already) but no sound.


Get the sound drivers here, and install:



Last, go to system preferences -> energy saver.

Under options, check "Allow power button to sleep the computer."

Also check "Restart automatically after a power failure."


And there you go. A fully working, 10.5.6 OS X Leopard on your HACKINTOSH.


Enjoy. :)


Please comment if you encounter any problems, or if this guide has helped you in any way.



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