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G5 ATX mod with a twist

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So here it is.. an evenings work with the jigsaw and file, and the results:


A totally upgradable ATX case solution

PSU mounted up top (a tight squeeze)

Removable tray/rear section

G5 clear perspex cover snaps in-to-place and that's how the PC is used daily


System specs:

i7 920 w/ TRUE 120

Asus P6t Deluxe v1

12gb G.Skill 1600


60gb OCZ Vertex SSD

Gainward GTX-275

Snow Leopard 10.6.6





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Very nice, clean, minimal. awesome! congrats!




Thanks for the compliments.

I am a big fan of being minimalistic and keeping it clean/simple.


Oh, is that your case in your avatar?

Do you have a build log or pix I can have a look at.


It looks amazing!



Looks great!


Could we see more pix?


And also how did you secure the DVD drive




The DVD drive secures perfectly in the existing position.

4x screw holes attached the dvd drive from underneath.


I will throw more pix up when I get a chance.

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I love the look, did you buy the mobo / psu tray? Or did you make this yourself, Unless i missed it i didn't see you say in the description.

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Very clean and nice indeed. I will try to adopt this look to my own mod soon, however I'm going to add a HDD cage (LianLi-3-Bay) and 2 font intake fans.


There is a question that I would be happy to get an answer from you or someone else: Did you hide your (PSU- and other) cables beneath the motherboard tray? Im wondering if that is possible at all. I never had a standard ATX PSU in my hands and don't know whether the thick looking cables will fit between the space thats created from the original G5 stand offs (I read somewhere that it's about 13 mm)...

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