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What browser do you use?

What Broweser do you use?  

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  1. 1. In Mac OS X

    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Camino
    • Opera
    • OmniWeb
    • Colonels Browse Beta 1
    • Internet Explorer 5
  2. 2. In Windows

    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Internet Explorer 6
    • Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3
    • Netscape

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Hey, thanks for putting Colonels Browse up there. I'll admit, it's a pretty bad browser as it is right now. It's slow and barely has any features.


1.0 will change that :)


OS X: Safari

Linux: Firefox

Windows: Firefox

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is safari 3.0 available for download? i can't find it anywhere...

Safari 3.0 is part of Leopard. It's not available for download. Even if it was available, it would only run on Leopard. It won't even start up on Tiger.

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Opera on OSX; Safari just keeps crapping out on me with this Dell (and Rosetta-mode doesn't work for {censored} either).


On Windows I use Avant, which uses the IE6 core so that was what I was forced to choose on the poll if I wanted to vote. There are other browsers for Windows than the ones chosen, and Avant is a big one, well known and widely used.



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Mac: Safari

Windows: IE | Maxthon (Gotta Try IE7)

Linux: SwiftFox


I been using Safari but i have frequent crashes, tried others didn't like, stood with Camino for a whole day and it even crashed too, WebKit is fast but my passwords are not saved, and some sites look messed up.


Swiftfox is the best on Linux


And on Windows still IE sometimes and Maxthon, havent had time to try IE7


Anyone can link me

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