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Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Original DVD

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Hi everone.First of all sorry for my english :unsure: I have a original Mac OS-X SL 10.6.3 DVD.

I used the Mac for the installation of a separate HDD.GUID partition : 102.40 GB and 397 GB.I gave priority to the HDD in the HDD Mac

RebelEfi used as a bootloader.

I tried the following commands at boot time :


-v / -v cpus=1 / -v -f / -v busratio=20 /


I tried the BIOS settings


Sata : AHCI

Native Mode : Enabled and Disabled

ACPI : S1 and S3


When I enter the following command as the installation began smoothly : -x (What I do not know the meaning of)

But when setup a full 10 minutes before the end gave the following error


İnstall Failed

Mac os x could not be installed on your computer

Instal could not start up this disk "MacOS" (Separated section for Mac)

Error When I opened the installer log and I wrote the following error / errors were:

Mac Os x installer [159:a107] Error writing cache to/Volumes/MacOS/Library/Caches/com.apple.FindSystem Files.plist

Mac Os x installer [159:a107] Failed to enumerate/Volumes/MacOS/Library/Caches cannot prune (

"com.apple.user*picture cache*")

Unable to set 'MacOS' as boot disk:The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk



What could be the cause of this problem ? How can I solve?

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Installation finished successfully ! I have to boot with EmpireEfi.Customization options are picked up at the whole.I did the Bios settings for the following:



Native Mode:Disable


In the meantime, while the open windows I installed the Microsoft Fix It.

But..Keyboard and mouse (wireles-Logitech EX100) is not working.How do I handle this problem?

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