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Cannot boot from USB drive

Nghia Developer

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I am using mainboard GigaByte GA-EP43T-UD3L


When I first bought this mainboard a year ago it can boot USB drive, now it can't


When I plug this USB to the mainboard and restart, my PC halt and I must press Reset button and it halt again until I unplug the USB


Another mainboard Asus P5LD2-VM over 5 years-old doesn't have this problem


I re-create USB boot many times and the problem still here, don't know what happened to my mainboard GigaByte

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I' can confirm your Problem! I've got the same. Any solution so far?When I format the USB stick to Windows Fat32 I can boot from usb-stick. But this is not what I want.I will use the Stick to boot Lion.As soon as I take the Bootloader Chameleon R5 r1083 on it. I get exactly the same Problem.The boot sequence stops when the USB stick is in port, why??I just can boot when I reset and take the stick off, why ????I cant believe it

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i once had a problem with one of my SATA to USB station, where when it was plugged in, my PC couldn't pass chameleon, but all other USB worked like a charm (including other SATA to USB)

i can't and don't say it's the same problem, but have you checked any other USBs?

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