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My list of current hardware - Want to build a solid OSx86 machine

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Hello All,



Well I have been scouring the forums to get an idea of how good a OSx86 box I can build. This is my list of hardware that I already have/ or have bought.



1. ASUS EAX1600XT Silent w/ TV


Seems like people have had the most success out of this card. I bought it to replace my 6800 GT which is in fact a bit faster, but support for OSX seems poor.


2. A8N-SLI Deluxe with AMD X2 4200+


From what I can gather on the forums, I have to run my X2 in single core mode to stop stuttering, and also in SSE2 mode? (I purposely bought the X2 cpu for SSE3, to replace my aging Athlon 64 3200+ which does not have SSE3) Your comments...



3. A8N-SLI nVidia LAN controller


Looks like it will work no probs with ForceDeth drivers.


4. A8N-SLI AC97 sound


Also, looks like it will work no probs.


5. PATA 120GB Drive


Steer clear of SATA it seems, esp with a nForce 4 mobo.



6. Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and mouse


I expect to get these to work in a basic mode, ie mac os x wont recognise them properly. It just thinks I have a USB keyb/mouse attached.


7. Liteon DVD writer


Not too concerned if it does not work.





So what do you think ?





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My System:


Intel i945GNTLR

Intel Pentium 4 640 3.2Ghz LGA775

Onboard Audio Sigmatel

Onboard LAN (Need mod in kext)

MSI RX1600XT TD256E PCI-Express 256MB DDR (Need mod in kext)

2GB DDR Kingston 667Mhz

Western Digital SATA 250GB 16MB Cache


Call of Duty 2 Run Like Helll!


if you can buy a Intel Core Duo 2 but check what is the motherboard more supported by OSX for this CPU.

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