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I need Drivers Help!


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Hi Every one!


I'm having problems with pretty much all drivers for ideneb 10.5.5.


Its the first distro I downloaded and it worked. (kinda) The other 2 (ipc 10.5.6)&(iatkos 10.5.6) Kept searching for the mysterious root, and stoped at the grey apple screen(before install)


Lan (Realtek RTL8201CL - 10/100 PHY) or wLan (Wg311 v3 netgear) does not work.


nvidia 8400gs 256 Does not work properly!


Here Thee specs


Biostar N68s+


2gig 800mhz ddr2


phenom 8450e x3


2 Sata Drives (169 gig)(569gig)


Nvidia sparkle 8400gs 256mb


Lan :Realtek RTL8201CL - 10/100 PHY



I really need lan too work, so that I can stop switching the os so often. =]

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for your lan, try the R1000.kext (search for it)


and your graphics is not Nvidia Sparkle 8400GS 256mb... it's SPARKLE NVIDIA 8400GS 256mb. you should search the forum and you will see a bunch of results on how to make this graphics card work. Seriously, i can find 20 of them if I type 8400GS in the search function.

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