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Lenovo Z560 installation

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Hey guys,


laptop working brilliantly with 10.8.2!



System used:

Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 M37AQGE W7HP64 15.6" 1366 x 768 Core i5 430M, 2x 2.26 GHz 6 GB RAM 320 GB NVIDIA GeForce G 310M

WLAN Atheros AR5BXB6


As you can see on the provided screenshots the laptop was modified in two ways:

1. 6GB RAM instead of the 2GB that it came with. I simply bought 4 GB RAM and used the second RAM slot.

2. WLAN Atheros AR5BXB6 replacing the internal Wifi card (You need the provided IO80211Family.kext to make it work)



Working (pretty much everything)


- Serial ATA driver

- Internal Camera

- Bluetooth (using the Mighty Mouse)

- Wifi

- Sound (Plug switching working, Headphone/Speakers)

- Network Card (Realtek)

- Graphics Card

- Sleep

- Speedstepping (also for GPU)

- Battery Display

- USB 3.0 express card

- HDMI and VGA out

- SD card slot

- DVD burner


Not working

- HDMI Audio (I boot to Win7 when I want to watch a film on TV)

- Internal Microphone (can make it work by using VoodooHDA but automatic plug switching will be disabled)


I put all files I used together in a package that you can download here:






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I have my Lenovo Z560 i3-350 running Mavericks now and would like some help getting the battery display to work with DSDT.


Has anyone edited their DSDT on a Z560 to get the battery to display - can you share your DSDT if you have please?


thanks for any help

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Installed  OSX 10.9 to my Z560, using Clover now:


it mostly works, I had to patch the above DSDT to get hdmi video out working (delete added VGA code).

For Audio I have to use VoodooHDA still , patched hda kexts didnt work for me.


Not working:


- Battery Display

- Lid sleep and Lid wakeup (normal sleep works though)


Geekbench 2: 4000


has anyone got Battery working in mavericks/clover with Z560 ?

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последнее что придумано в DSDT для Lenovo z560

лутьше переставить систему 10.8.x или 10.9.x заново

что нового

не надо дополнительных кекстов для wi-fi atheros 9285 ( работает уже при установке системы)

улутьшина температура ноутбука

Звук  не исчезает после обновления

видео карта работает как и должна в mac os  (принудительно заменяется ID на родной для mac os)

пакетик для Clover



The last thing invented in DSDT for Lenovo z560

lutshe rearrange 10.8.x or 10.9.x system again

what's new

do not need additional kexts for wi-fi atheros 9285 (has been running during the installation process)

 temperature Laptop

Sound does not disappear after the upgrade

video card works as it should in mac os (ID forcibly replaced by native mac os)

bag for Clover



Lenovo Z560.zip

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