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10 posts?


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Also, you won't be able to reply outside of this forum until you reach 10 posts.


So do you want me to post you 10 completely useless posts here before I can provide some useful information to the community? All I wanted to do was reply to a thread on bluetooth dongles giving information on the Technika adapter...

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These measures weren't taken for our pleasure, on the contrary, they mean an awful lot of work for us, unpaid volunteers.

If you really want to help, there are plenty of opportunities here.

If you have some really good info to provide, post it here and I can sticky it or move it somewhere else.

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Ok my post was going to be in relation to this thread:



I purchased a Technika TKB109 from Tesco and I have completely different firmware and software to @flakmonkey as illustrated in my profiler (attached?)


This seems to result in the problem similar to @D-an-W in that I have no wake from sleep and the option is greyed out.


This I thought might prove useful to those reading the thread as from what I'd read thus far it seemed like a good option, but if the device I got actually has different firmware to the device @flakmonkey got and is now not waking from sleep on the latest bluetooth software from Apple, this dongle might go in the 'not fully supported' category?


I'd also ask @D-an-W to check his firmware and software versions to see if we're the same...






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