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dual boot SL+SL on same disk

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Ive got the main kexts on the hidden EFI partition, and my main install a disk. I decided to create a backup install at the end of the disk for the times when I mess up the main install by updating. Its all set up and installed as follows:


disk0s1 EFI (with chameleon bootloader, main kexts n {censored})

disk0s2 Mac (my main install 10.6.6)

disk0s3 Zac (the new fresh, updated, unbooted install 10.6.6)


Now when i get into chameleon and select to boot the backup install (Zac) it loads Mac (the main one). How do I boot it? Can I do it this way or does it need to be on a seperate disk with its own chameleon bootloader?


I asked elsewhere in the forum but I dont think its going to get answered because my original question was about updating before first boot which put it in a different catagory. Other Post.


Thanks in advance, Andy.

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