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HP 8540w DSDT creation

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Hi at all,


I have a HP Elitebook 8540w with

Intel Core i7 720qm

Nvidia QuadroFX 1800m

10 BitperChanel DreamColor Display

8 GB Ram

Bluray Drive

and the other standart stuff.


My Hackintosh System works quite well, except the internal Display is not Working.


Also see this thread for more information:



So now i am trying to make it work via a custom DSDT but i am a real newbie with that.


I am stuck with 4 Compiler Errors and 1 Warning:


Intel ACPI Component Architecture


ASL Optimizing Compiler version 20080926 [Oct 4 2008]


Copyright © 2000 - 2008 Intel Corporation


Supports ACPI Specification Revision 3.0a




./dsdt_fixed.txt 18661: Store (VGDD, 0x01)


Error 4095 - ^ syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_INTEGER




./dsdt_fixed.txt 18663: And (Local1, 0x1F, Local2)


Error 4050 - ^ Method local variable is not initialized (Local1)




./dsdt_fixed.txt 18664: If (And (Local1, 0xFFE0))


Error 4050 - ^ Method local variable is not initialized (Local1)




./dsdt_fixed.txt 18871: 0x00


Error 4095 - ^ syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_INTEGER, expecting '('




./dsdt_fixed.txt 18908: Wait (\_SB.BEVT, 0x10)


Warning 1104 - Possible operator timeout is ignored ^




ASL Input: ./dsdt_fixed.txt - 20674 lines, 766795 bytes, 8061 keywords


Compilation complete. 4 Errors, 1 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 3543 Optimizations


And all of these Errors seem to have something to do with the display detection I want to Fix.

Especially this interesting Method is holding all of the Errors:


Method (WGDD, 0, NotSerialized)


Store ("GetDisplayDevices", Debug)

Store (Package (0x03)




Buffer (0x04) {}

}, Local0)

Store (VGDD, 0x01)


And (Local1, 0x1F, Local2)

If (And (Local1, 0xFFE0))


Or (Local2, 0x20, Local2)


Store (Local2, Index (DerefOf (Index (Local0, 0x02)), 0x00))

Store (0x01, Index (DerefOf (Index (Local0, 0x02)), 0x01))

Store (0x01, Index (DerefOf (Index (Local0, 0x02)), 0x02))

Return (Local0)



Would be great if somebody could help, because this notebook would be a great alternative to MacBook Pro.


So here attached my patched and my untouched DSDT Files. Anybody helping will be my shining Hero forever ;-)



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At least getting the display and sound to work via DSDT would be awesome, because that are the things I didnt get working right with kexts only...


Pretty sad, no one could help him, is a pretty awesome hardware for a laptop an could be a kick ass hackbook...

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I'm working on F.23 firmware and it's not solved for me.

I also tried to put PEG3 before PEGP or even remove either one of those, no luck, screen still turns black.

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