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MiniPci to PCIX1 card cause cold boot?


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I just bought a MiniPCI to PCIX1 card for an airport extreme card.

Everything work so far except i can't shutdown the computer now.

It will auto restart after the power LED went out.


Tried the settings on Bios start computer with LAN = off.


When Card is not installed it works fine...


Anyone have any clue?


Install: Kakewalk 3.0

OS: 10.6.6

MB: X58A-UD3R 2.0

CPU: i7 950

RAM: 24 GB ADATA 1333

GFX: ELSA 796 GT Silent

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Update, tried booting into Win7,

Same problem, cold boot after 3 sec,

Found that this only happen when computer is up for half an hour or so.

If it only up for 10 min, it will shut down ok.

Hardware prolem?

Bios settings problem? (will try optimize settings)

Too many Memory? (some tread saying this, will try taking some off?)


But when pci slot is not used, it doesn't cold boot.

No one has this problem?

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tried different pci slot ?

might have to do dsdt editing also


i have seen bcm44xx needing a max dma mem fixes an issue with freezing the LAN or kernel.


Thanks for the reply,

Yes i have tried both PCIx1 slot both same result.


Will have to read more about dtds... I have 0 knowledge of it


Any more suggestion will be appreciated.

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