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Atheros AR9285 WPA/WPA2 DHCP Trouble


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I'm opening this thread regarding this topic:


that says:

I've found a solution for my problem, well it's more a workaround for the moment..I've set my Wifi up using WPA2, connecting using this security option didn't work (see symptoms in quote). After I changed it to WPA instead of WPA2 the connection was successfully made and an IP address was assigned without any problems....


The problem is not the WPA/WPA2 but the Algorithms, in my testing:

- WPA/WPA2 Personal with TKIP+AES doesn't work (connection estabilished but no IP through DHCP and network not working)

- WPA/WPA2 Personal with TKIP perfectly works.


Just to save 2 hours of sleep to the next user that meets this problem :)


My configuration:

ASUS G51JX-IX060V / OSx 10.6.4 64bit




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My configuration:

ASUS G51JX-IX060V / OSx 10.6.4 64bit



I can confirm that I also have this problem on my G51jx-A1, but apparently, with more problems:

The DHCP I get even from an open network is wrong ! ( the netmask is intead of and the ip i get is at the wrong group and not 192.168.1.X )


moreover - I can try to conncet to an WPA2 with AES but cannot establish working connection due to wrong password ( but the information I pass ARE CORRECT 100% )


Any solution to this on SL ?


I use 10.6.7 with atheros 9285....

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I know this is an old thread but I am experiencing this same issue using an Atheros AR9285 inside my Lenovo G570 laptop running iAtkos Lion 10.7.2.

I am conecting to a Netgear CG3101D / VirginMedia SuperHub.

I've also tried using a static IP but the same issue occurs - the icon shows connected but there no internet.

Any update on this?

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