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AMD Hazard Reboot Before Install

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Hey guys,


So first of all, I've been using hackintosh on my system for about 6 months now, and I love it! However, after I upgraded my cpu from an old athlon x2 4400+ to a phenom ii x3 740 it would sporadically KP (after a few hours of use), the audio would stop working, etc. Plus I wanted to update my OSX install from 10.6.2 to 10.6.5; so I decided to start with a fresh install.


Here's what happense when I try:



Basically, if I just click enter when the boot options comes up, it'll just sit stationary forever with a blinking text thing.


If I try -v, it will list a few things and reboot.


If I try cpus=1, it will do the same thing.


Redownloading the Hazard image and burning on a new disc did not solve this problem.




Thanks in advance,

-Chris Pawlukiewicz


Oh, and here's the link to my original install thread: http://www.hackint0sh.org/f213/188406.htm

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Did you try nawcom's cd?


Nawcom's CD is only good if you've installed the retail version of OSX SL on your system first. Since I don't have an extra mac lying around to do that, and you can install the retail version of OSX on an AMD machine, I don't understand what difference that'll make.


That's why I was using Hazard's distro in the first place. Also, since I already installed Hazard's distro on my system with the only thing different being a new CPU, and this problem never occured, I'm wondering if this is a hardware issue.


Did you have your DSDT patched?


I don't think so? I'm not too sure what that is (like I said I've only been doing this for a few months).


Here's what happened:


1) I installed Snow Leopard using Hazard's disc. Everything worked perfectly. The only things I did to the install was use Marvin's AMD patch and use osx86tools to get my GFX card to work. I didn't do or change anything to my system, BIOS, etc.


2) I upgraded my CPU.


3) My SL install continued to work, but it would occasionally KP and randomly just shut down.


4) I decided to re-install SL using the same method I used before. When I put the hazard disc in, it restarts before it even goes to the grey screen (i.e. in the video I posted above).



Hey guys, I just slow-moed the video I took (youtube link) of what happens when I try this. The last entry if I try -v or not both pertains to ACPI. Could that be what's causing the reboot?

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Try to install iDeneb Leopard distro and then install Hazard from Leopard (you'l need an extra empty partition HFS+).You will need a new bootloader since the one with Hazard is old.Also,a patch for your DSDT would be good.That should solve it.Use AnVal bootloader,it has been progressing pretty good,and can also detect some AMD processors like Phenom,even the PStates ... Hope that helps a bit. :)

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