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Firewire audio: problem with onboard controller (Solution: use external controller)


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In case it may help anyone...


I'm using my firewire interface (a Behringer FCA202) on a ThinkPad T61 for live input and effects processing, but I can't get it to work well with my T61 when using Leopard. It is recognised and works, but I get frequent dropouts/clicks/pops, and latency settings don't help, CPU usage does not seem completely related, disabling unneeded drivers and/or processes doesn't help, etc.


I would just blame the problem on the Ricoh firewire chip, but the problem is that it is stable under Windows 7, even with the same exact applications as on Leopard.


So I decided to purchase a cheap cardbus-to-firewire controller, just to see if it would help, and now the Behringer works great on Leopard! The controller is called "Dynamode PCMCIA CardBus To 3-Ports 1394a FireWire Adapter" and appears to have a VIA firewire chip.


It is cheap, and not a Texas Instruments firewire chip, but it works fine and has made firewire audio usable for me!

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