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Dual displays with ATI HD 5670


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Hi! I have bought a new monitor and I would like to try connect the two monitors to my SL OSX. I have done it, and I get the same desktop, with the same resolution etc in my two monitors, but I would like to get them with independence, two resolutions and that the two monitors will be like a single "monitor" to use programs etc.


I don´t know how I can get it, so any help is welcome.


I try with system preferences but in my displays only appears a "display" button and "color" button, so I think that perhaps the two monitors is not working properly.


I want to have the two displays working: one for my dock and menu bar (in programs), other for my program or internet browser.


Thanks and I hope to solve this new problem.




PD. My graphic card is ATI HD5670

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