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Okay I get about this far. The wireless utility window. Sorry I need to get another picture. Okay but the issue I have is that I can't figure out how to get on the internet. The computer recognizes the wireless netwrok card. The Linksys WMP54G version 1,2,3 doesn't seem to be a version 4, because the signal is being picked up. However, I have a Belkin Wireless G Router. Okay, like I said the signal strenght is being recognized at 100%, however when it comes to encrpytion and hexadecimal and authentication and profile and WEP and the other various other things. I'm completely lost. I'm a noob at Mac OS, so please I would appreciate any and all help. Last night my friend came over and screwed around with it trying to get it to run. He tried the Hexadecimal route I believe. Again I'm not terribly familiar with how to set up the internet set up on Macs. I'm more a plug and play type of person... none of this makes sense to me. Data is being transferred, but very little. I cannot run safari with the set up as is.


So I know this a vague question, but can anyone help me? I thought it would be easy and just type in the password but, no, they got it make it very complicated it seems.

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