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Lenovo ThinkCentre


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it depends for the hardware

Ok.. Im able to install it all but Im facing some problems.

Firstly, i am unable to boot throught the bootloader (Just default options in the install) . It presents me with the "boot:0 error"

I was however able to boot using the cd (by selecting the macOs partition in chameleon). I was successfully able to boot, however iAtkos was unable to detect my keyboard.

So I am currently facing only two problems:

1) Which bootloader to use? I tried the Chameleon v2 rc5, but it is giving me the same error (Obviously i dont mind booting through cd, but even Windows is telling me that the startup options have been messed up)

2) How do I get iAtkos to recognise my keyboard? My keyboard is a ps2 keyboard, which worked during the setup, but failed at time of boot


Please tell me which customized install to select, as I am completely new to Mac

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Ok i got the keyboard thing AND my iAtkos works without a hitch. The only problem is with my bootloader - I am STILL having to use my iAtkos cd... Any way I can solve this?

Also would it be possible to solve this using windows bootloader? Create another boot option?

Please let me know

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