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Snow Leopard stop to work


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I've a very strange problem on my HP Compaq DC7600 MTC.


Before, the DVD of iATKOS work very well, but after the installation, some hardware like graphic card did not work. So I reinstall Linux Ubuntu.


Today, I want to retry with the same DVD but it's don't work. In verbose mode, I've a "IOATAController device blocking bus "




My DVD is not broken, I tried with two other computers and it's work very well.


So any body can explain why it's work before and not now? If you want any other information, I will give you.


Thank you very much!!


PS: Sorry for my poor english, I'm french.

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Try a CMOS reset.


(If you don't know what that is, read your motherboard manual).


Ok, thanks for the quick answer!

I tried a CMOS reset but is the same error :P


I've a lot of error at the boot, like disk1s3: IO error, or cs_invalid_page, etc.


PS: Happy new year 2011 !

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Boot with your OS X install DVD, run Disk Utility (Tools menu? Can't remember but you'll find it) and click Repair disk.


Ok, but there is a little problem: My DVD don't boot :P . It's take like 30 min to boot with a lot of error and the DVD freeze (no DVD or Hard Drive activities ). The last line before the computer stop in verbose mode is "systemShutdown false".


Or when I'm VERY lucky the screen came grey and I've a black cursor and it's freeze.

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I don't know, but there are lots of things you can try, be creative.


Change drive cables

Change order of drives

Unplug drives you aren't using

Change the ports the drives are plugged into

If any drives are PATA, change their position on the IDE cable and experiment with drive jumper settings

Change BIOS settings for the drive controller

Burn your install DVD again, this time at the slowest possible speed and use high quality media.

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Ok, I changed a lot of thing in my computer but nothing work. But I find a CD of iPC 10.5.6. And it's work! So, can I make something with this CD ( I don't want leopard, but snow leopard)?


Thank ;)

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Yes, sure.


Install from the iPC DVD, then use it to prepare for a Snow Leopard retail install on a different hard drive.


Once you have a working system, Use Disk Utility to format and partition the other hard drive. Format as GUID, HFS+Journaled non-case sensitive. Create three partitions. One for the OS itself, a 9GB partition to hold the Snow Leopard retail DVD and the rest for data. The OS partition should be the first, the order of the other two doesn't matter.


Grab your retail Snow Leopard DVD, or you can use an image of it.


Use Disk Utility to "Restore" the retail install DVD to the 9GB partition. I shouldn't have to explain, just click the Restore button and follow the instructions. If you see a message that says "image must be scanned for restore" or words to that effect, that function is in one of the menus of Disk Utility so do that first, afterwards you'll be able to restore the DVD to the 9GB partition.


Then use my guide to install Chameleon to the EFI partition on the hard drive. Make sure you pick the right drive and the right partition, and that you use the right commands for Snow Leopard. Follow the instructions closely.




Now you can work from your iPC installation and experiment with configuring Chameleon until it can boot the install DVD and install Snow Leopard to the first partition.


Good luck!

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